Thursday, February 18, 2010


This entire blog is about a day in the life of Jennifer; adventures, family, food, running, and all the things that light my soul on fire. That is after all why I started a blog, so my friends and family could stay up to date with what is going on in my life. The only problem with this is, today is my birthday and I don’t really know what to post. Today is just another day for me, work, running, more work, and cake, yes cake, lots of cake!! I just may be the size of a small country when I get up tomorrow, due to “the cake”. There is a little cake shop in town called Wanda’s Cake Gallery they have the BEST Italian Cream cake. I would love to make cakes as well as Wanda does. I suppose that requires getting in the kitchen and starting to play around with sugar, butter, and flour. I love to bake, so I have to question…….why have I never tried to make my favorite dessert, hummmmmmm?

I am glad my running group is heading out to conquer 10 miles on Saturday because I will need that plus about 10 more after eating just one slice of this masterpiece. But we only live once and I am pretty sure I want Italian Cream cake in my life.

The above excerpt was started this morning before my day really got started. I honestly expected today to be just like any other, maybe a card here or there, a text or two from my family, but all in all just another day. After all I was spending most of my day at the office and well, enough said. However, I had no idea what this day would actually bring my way……..I sit here with tears in my eyes thinking about how amazing the people in my life really are.

My day started with two perfect cards from two outstanding co-workers, and then the most unexpected thing happened, I got an email. No the email is not the unexpected part, I get more emails in a day than I know what to do with, the surprise was in the sender. A co-worker from my previous job, a co-worker I have not talked to in well over a year, a co-worker that happens to be a guy (not that I am being sexist, but come on now, guys generally have a hard time with dates), a past co-worker remembered that today was my birthday and sent me the nicest email. Then another email from a long lost friend appeared in my in-box, a friend I have not seen since the Route 66 Marathon. To make it even more surprising I didn’t even know he knew when my birthday was. The emails, the texts, the cards, the birthday wishes poured in all day. It warmed my heart, filled my soul with joy, and helped me to realize that all the amazing people I care so much about…..are you ready for this, drum roll please……………well, they care about me as well.

Before this day got started I planned on sharing pictures collected through the years. This post has turned out longer than I thought, so I was considering simply eliminating the picture section. Then I thought who does not like seeing pictures and especially of kids so here you go……….enjoy!!

I don't think I have ever stopped smiling.

My God given talent was not fashion, obviously.

Mashed potatoes are a weakness of mine; they make my heart skip a beat. I guess they always have.

Love ya,

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