Sunday, February 28, 2010

Enough to make one cry…..

Have I ever mentioned what an amazing, caring, and giving family I have…oh I have, well I am going to mention it again.

My Aunt Mimi called me last Thursday to tell me she had three extra tickets to the game of the century being played in Stillwater on Saturday. Those might not have been her exact words, but you get the message. She was curious as to whether or not I would be interested in going. Now before I tell you what my answer to that question was, I would like to give you a few pieces of information regarding this game, this game of the century. OSU was playing, that in its self would warrant an answer of yes, however their opponent was not just any Big XII team, it was the number 1 ranked team. OSU was playing KU, so my answer to my aunt’s question was……..heck yeah I would love to go!!

I am sure you can imagine I had no trouble finding friends to go along with me, after all this was the game of all games. Anyone that had the slightest hint of orange running through their veins would have given anything to go watch this match up. I am not sure it quite equaled the feeling the Canadian’s had today as they prepared for a hockey game that would prove to be unmatched in history, but the feeling the OSU fans had was a close second.

My friends and I loaded up and headed down the Turnpike to Stillwater, arriving at Gallagher Iba arena just in time for the National Anthem, and the introduction to the starting lineup for both teams.

I got ducky bumps (also known as goose bumps) as I waited with anticipation for tip off.

Let the game begin!!!

OSU played a stellar first half.

Second half proved to be a bit more challenging, but that can be expected when the number 1 ranked team is getting their hinny handed to them on a platter.

KU began to show a bit more aggression……..

However the spirit run amped up the noice level....

and in the end the phenomenal ball playing displayed by the Cowboys and noice created by the fans was just too much for the Jayhawks to take.

OSU won 85 to 77

And the crowd went wild.

I have been to a lot of OSU sporting events and I will say all wins are great. But there are few wins that are so exciting they almost bring me to tears, this was one of those wins. I smiled with great pride, not only for a basketball team that knocked the socks of their competition, but for the entire Cowboy nation and all of us that bleed orange and call our Alma mater O S U, I wiped a tear from my cheek and yelled GO POKES!!

The sun set on amazing Saturday in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Love ya,


  1. Oh Crystal you should have been there, it was AMAZING. Probably the best game I have been to in years :-)