Monday, February 1, 2010

February the month of love, or is it?

February and I, we have a love hate relationship. Being a single gal February is a month I would prefer to skip over. All the flowers, candy, cards, dinners, and affection that is shown on the 14th day of this month is a simple reminder that I am trudging through life very independently. However, February is also the month we celebrate some very important people in my life. My granddad’s birthday was in February, you will find a tribute to his incredible strength, valor, and calm spirit as I reflect this month on a man that will forever remain in my heart. We also celebrate two of the most influential women in my life, my mother and my aunt Susie. Both of whom have had a profound impact on the women I am today. So, I guess you can either thank them or curse them depending on your view of me.

Pop's 90th birthday party, sharing the time with his four children (Mother, Aunt Susie, Uncle Mark, and Uncle Cha)

Last but certainly not least, my very best and dear friend has the most amazing daughter Hope, who has a birthday in the month of February. It has become an annual tradition for all of us to gather to celebrate this precious little girl.

Her first birthday was celebrated in Houston,

her second birthday in Breckenridge, and this year we are back in Houston.

So as you see, love and hate all wrapped up together during the one month that celebrates love. Although I have to say the love certainly, hands down outweighs the hate. It will undoubtedly be a month of celebration, and I will document it all right here.

Love you,

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