Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something is missing.

If you are not sitting down already I highly recommend you do, for this is going to come as a shock to most of you. I have been thinking lately, apparently thinking is all I do these days, but that is a topic for my psychologist not my blog. I have been thinking I need something new in my life. Something that is tough, rugged, warm hearted, genuine, caring, hard working……any guesses? No…you need more clues, okay…open spaces, horses, trucks. For any of you that know me, I am sure I could sit here and list words describing this “thing” I think I need all day and I am not sure you will ever guess, so I will just tell you. Last warning……..are you sitting down? This news knocked me over when the thought originally entered my mind, I have since not only welcomed the idea, but also embraced it. Are you ready………….I think I might need………..a cowboy in my life, or a city boy that has the same values and morals as a cowboy; which I have yet to find here in Tulsa.

I know I know, I may be completely out of my mind. I realize that I have said, probably since the day I learned to talk, that I want to live in the big city casing the American Dream…whatever that is; working my way up the corporate ladder to a plush corner office, traveling the globe, rubbing elbows with the uptown at country clubs and large upscale corporate events, and loving every minute of it. Although I do love the big city, I am ready to have peace in my life; I want to be able to watch the sunset behind the prairie and not behind a skyscraper.

I want to listen to the sound of God’s creatures rather than planes, trains, and automobiles.

I want to go running in wide open spaces and not packed city streets with impatient drivers honking at me because I am in their way.

It may be my age, it may be that I am getting exhausted by corporate America, it may be that I have lived in Oklahoma for 11 years, it may be that I want my career to be raising a family, it may be that I am getting tired of the “city boys”, it may be that I just went to a country concert and hung around cowpeople, (I am pretty sure cowpeople is not a word, but it is going to be today) it may be a lot of things. However, the one thing I do know is it is a desire in my heart for peace, tranquility, and an amazing man to share it with.

Although I am related to the Drummond’s and the Barrington’s, who I am sure, know more cowboys than there are hairs on my head, I am soliciting my best friend’s help. She does not know this yet, but I am pretty certain she will read my blog tonight and soon be informed that I am sending her on a mission to lasso me a cowboy, or a city boy with cowboy traits. She is the chosen one for two reasons, she knows my type in men probably better than I do (I say that but this news is going to surprise her, or may be not), and she lives in cowboy country. Nicole resides in Houston, I am sure there are a plethora of cowboys in her neck of the woods.

I will keep you up to date on any possible developments with this mission I have just sent Nicole on. In the mean time I will simply keep you posted on any men developments here in Tulsa that would be a good starting point.

Love ya,

As a disclaimer I didn’t take any of these photographs I found them online, and I would have cited the artist for each if I could have found it. Thanks to all the anonymous photographers that added to my blog today!!


  1. Sorry it took me a few days to respond to this, but yes, you would have a plethera to choose from here!! I'd never seen any man wear a three piece Armani suit with cowboy boots to church... on Sunday morning...until we moved here!!!

  2. Cowboy boots go with everything even Armani suits didn't you get that memo :-)