Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The real meaning behind February 2!

What do February 2, Punxsutawney Phil, and shadows have in common? Yeah, I don’t know either. Groundhogs Day has always been a day on the calendar that I have somewhat disregarded, never putting too much thought into it. However, as I laid in bed this morning, not wanting to get up, I listening to the radio and all the talk about this groundhog and whether he was going to see his shadow or not. At which time it finally hit me....after all of these years, I have absolutely no idea how this totally obscure holiday came to be. So I went to the trusty internet and did some research. My boss should be over the moon that I was 15 mins late to work today. Because, had I not been determined to find the premise behind Groundhogs Day before leaving my house this morning, I am quite certain I would not have been productive at the office, as I would have been totally distracted by Punxsutawney.

I dug and dug and uncovered just what I wanted. February seconds holiday of Groundhogs Day derived from European weather lore explaining that if Mr. Punxsutawney Phil (I am going to make this groundhog a guy for simplify sake, hope this does not offend anyone) emerges from his burrow and does not see his shadow he will leave his burrow. However, on the other hand if he sees his shadow he will return to his burrow for an additional 6 weeks. Which that in and of itself does not add up for me, I would rather stay outside if I can see my shadow, I am positive this is why God did not make me a groundhog in charge of predicting weather. The irony of Mr. Punxsutawney’s prediction is that spring, which typically lands during the third week of March, is 6 weeks (March 20, 2010) from this weather prediction given by a groundhog on February 2. The things that make you go hummmmm?

We are all so much smarter now!

Love ya,

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