Sunday, April 11, 2010

A day for the record books.

Last Saturday I pulled myself out of bed super early so I could head to Fairview America, not only did I need some serious family time, I also was in charge of picking up the grand prize gifts for the towns annual Easter Egg Hunt. Oh how I love being with my family in Fairview, but oh how I do not like embarking on the 3 hour drive. Saturday provided an even greater passion of dislike for the drive, when I was awarded this ……………

Yes, that is a speeding ticket I received just outside of Enid. I do have to admit I was speeding I was going 55 in a 45 but the kicker is I was about 20 yards from the 55 sign indicating the increase in speed limit. Because I have been over the moon happy I was not disappointed that I got a ticket, that is until the reality of it set in. Once the disappointment set in I found I was frustrated for one because it is the first speeding ticket in 9 years for me but also with myself for speeding and also with Mr. Officer for feeling obliged to issue me a situation. He did mention however, that I could show up at traffic court on April 28 (yes that is a Wednesday) and have it dismissed. It will cost me just as much if not more to take the afternoon off of work, drive to Enid spend who knows how much time at traffic court, and then drive back.

Anyway enough about that silly ticket that still shows up in my dreams from time to time. Amidst all the craziness that was my morning, I managed to make it to Fairview with the grand prize gifts in hand before the Easter Egg Hunt began.

The Easter Bunny was hoping around getting pictures with great friends……

hunting participants……..

and a cousin.

The eggs were scattered and hidden and the kids were lined up and ready to go………

they were off……

This little guy was not interested in hunting the eggs with his age group he was jumping the rope to the age group above him.

Kids of all ages had a great time!

Being it was Saturday before Easter there was no rest for the weary once the egg hunt was over it was time to get in the kitchen and start cooking. Our family…..we like to cook enough for a small army my aunt is no exception to this thought process.

We had a small cast of wild hooligans in the kitchen last weekend.

Maggie and her friend Andrea

Mark.....don't let this picture fool you into thinking this 17 year old was actually baking.

Refer to this picture for the actual work he was doing......

yes, licking the pan was his job for the day.

It is slightly amazing with this bunch that anything got finished and that there is still house standing.

Love ya,

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