Friday, April 23, 2010

An Epic Journey....

I have an unhealthy love affair with change, which happens to be great because when one thing changes for me it seems my entire life changes. This has been the trend for as long as I can remember. Therefore I figured when I took my new job I might as well move across town also, it just made the most since, don't you think?

I enlisted some help to assist me in the moving process. The cast of characters was quite diverse….

Brecken (age 1.5)

Breena (age 4)

We believe in child labor, start them out young in knowing what hard work is all about.

Bethany (I want to remains friends so I will leave her age out of my blog, we will simply say EXTRAORDINARY mother to Brecken and Breena and wonderful friend)

Dave (dad, handyman, and my go to moving friend)

Barb (past co-worker and good friend)

As you can see……an extremely diverse crew.

It has been a week since I set out on the epic journey to move across town…….. it is still an adjustment.


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