Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a blessing

To finish up my Easter whirlwind of a weekend......only a week and half late.

Easter weekend tends to be a tough one for most of the family. All of us for different reasons but those reasons all focus on one little boy. A little boy who brought so much life to those around him, a little boy I will talk more about in August, a little boy by the name of Bryce who lost his battle to a brain tumor on March 30, 2002. With that said there was no better time for his little sister to get baptized than Easter weekend.

Maggie is Bryce’s little sister and Mark is their oldest bother. As a side note, they are three of the most amazing kids you will ever meet.

Each person who was baptized on Easter 2010 had a sponsor; Mark was Maggie’s sponsor and read her account of when she asked Jesus into her heart.

Once Mark had finished sharing what Maggie wrote, what brought a tear to my eye, and what was filled with love and emotion for Jesus she was baptized……….

To finish out the service each child of God who was baptized was awarded a certificate…

Then it was family picture time (plus Maggie’s friend Andrea).

What a blessed ending to an outstanding Easter weekend.

Love ya,

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