Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Take me out to the ball game....

Time for a confession of sorts……..I am picky. We are not talking about the average; I don’t like caviar…picky, or picky in terms of my favorite college phrase “I only drink canned Bud Light; I don’t like it out of the bottle”. I my friends, am picky on a monumental level, and as fate may have it I seem to get worse by each passing year.

This degree of pickiness spans the entire spectrum of my being, leaving no inch untouched. That said men happen to fall into an aspect of my life, believe it or not. There are certain characteristics and attributes that I look for in a guy. You all may be thinking……….well we all have things we look for in a person we may potentially date, I will simply say I have been told on a number of occasions “Jennifer you are too picky, you will never find a guy”. Although I thought I knew myself and what I wanted and needed in a man, I am however beginning to wonder if that simply is not the case. Unfortunately my percentage of choosing the wrong men based on certain qualities is 100%.

My life has been a larger than life collection of new adventures, innovative journeys, eye opening experiences, and uncharted opportunities the past month. As a result, when a co-worker approached me about going on a ‘blind date” with the brother of her son-in-law I thought “why not”. I checked my pickiness at the door and went into this adventure last Tuesday with an open mind.

I was not sure what to expect as I opened my front door at 6:30 sharp. There standing on my front porch was my company for an outing to the ballpark. He was nothing I expected, which I don’t know what I was expecting exactly, being I knew only what my co-worker had mentioned to me over the past couple of week which really wasn’t much.

The game was good, wait, no that is a lie, the game itself was atrocious.

The Drillers were certainly not playing any sort of high caliber baseball, but the conversation between my new friend and I was good. I learned about his career, his family, his love of college football (well his brother told me that fun fact). His brother…..yes I met his brother who just happens to oversee operations for the Drillers; consequently he is at every game.

I don’t have any earth moving, juicy, over the top stories to share regarding this outing. Conversation was good, the weather was amazing for a baseball game, and a relaxing evening was had.


  1. WAIT! You talk about being is he a no go then? Details my friend...details! Oh, and gorgeous pictures you got of the game! I particularly love the one with the city in the background!

  2. Ha ha :-) It is not that he is a no go; I will have to spend more time with him to determine that. The picky correlation is to the fact that I even went on a blind date, I would typically never do that :-)