Saturday, January 30, 2010

What do you do with 5" of snow........

You go sledding that’s what.

My good friend and co-worker Page invited me to join her family on a sledding outing this afternoon. I was a bit apprehensive at first, I am not sure why because I am normally up for just about anything. However, the outcome was unexpected, well as I sit here and think about, not really unexpected at all because this girl loves life and just about anything that has to do with living life to the fullest!! My first time sledding at age 30 was the BEST. Snow skiing…….a huge passion, snow……love it, being outside………no better place, so with all that said why has this girl never been sledding? That will remain one the great wonders of the world, or at least a great wonder of my world. Sledding will now be a permanent activity for me during the snowy Oklahoma months. Who am I kidding using the word months, more like a day or two of snow we get here in Oklahoma will now be taken up with my new love of sledding.

Page, Mike, Julie, Zack, and I headed to the Reservoir in Broken Arrow and had the time or our lives. Here is a snap shot of our day.

A debate insured between Julie and Zack...who was going to be the first down the hill....

Never debate a girl with a sled.

Julie was under the impression she was sledding down Mt. Everest. None of us had the heart to tell her otherwise.

Mike was secretly jerry-rigging the sled in order to rocket down the hill faster, but Page caught him in the act...BUSTED!!

With Mike's secret foiled, the family loaded onto the sled and took the leisurely glide down the hill.

Like mother like daughter, let the screaming begin!

After working feverishly on a snow ramp, which is pictured soon. Zack chose to take a break and see what all this fun was about.

The penguin approach seemed to work best for Zack.

Pony up Jen, it is time to hand the camera off and join the fun!




Julie and I were going to take on this hill together....

all was well till....

Julie lost her sled somewhere along the way and ended up as a little snow ball.

Time to try out the ramp Zack spent half the afternoon building.

Serious air!!

Mike tried to replicate Zack's experience with the ramp.

However, he simply plowed through it.

The next series of pictures shows how Julie handled the ramp.

The last run down the hill had the name of the uneducated sledder (is that a word sledder, well it is today) written all over it.

Ooopppps what happened?

Disastrous wreck resulted in a smile.

The smile on my face shows a smidgen of the massive amount of fun I had sledding today. Thank you so much Lollman family for including me today!!


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