Monday, March 8, 2010

Adult decision

As I sit here thinking about the events of the day, a question comes to mind; what happened to the days when our most pressing matters revolved around diverting naps and how to get as much play time in before the sun went down? The largest decision in a given day was whether to ride bikes around the block or hang out in the playhouse in the backyard. If anyone knows where that time went and how I could get it back, could you please let me know ASAP.

That saying....when it rains it pours, well my friends it is pouring on me right now and I left my umbrella at home. This rain shower is however a spring shower, one of those dance in the rain type of showers. Nonetheless I will also say, reality is staring me in the face and to be honest is beating me in stare down right now. I am a huge advocate of grasping change with both hands and letting it potentially change our lives. However, when do we know whether we are suppose to take route 'B' or stay on route 'A' for in reality they both have the potential to change our lives.

What route do I choose? That is the question of the year, and still yet to be determined. The one thing I do know is God will guide my choices, my friends and family will support me, and my heart will flutter with joy. Knowing all that, I still don’t like making adult decisions.

Love ya,


  1. Beautiful. Truthful. ...and I'm with you on the 'adult decisions'. :o)

  2. While God may guide you, he offers you a beautiful thing in that you have a wonderfully created and molded brain. I think if you do some introspection, you know exactly what you should do in each situation.

  3. Bekah,
    Thank you!

    God gave me brain? Is that what they call the gray matter inside our skulls? Why didn’t someone tell me this before the age of 31. Now that I am armed with this phenomenal information, can I safely say I will no longer have any super tough “adult decisions” to make? :-)