Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family, laughs, and old stomping grounds

I was on a mission yesterday; I wanted to get some great silhouette pictures. My day was all planned out……running 10 miles, working for a couple of hours, then heading to the TU track at sunset for some keep your fingers crossed outstanding pictures. However, my plans changed when I got a texted from my Aunt Susie asking if I could meet them in Stillwater around 5:00. I was not about to pass up the opportunity to spend time with Aunt Susie and Maggie so there were no knock your socks off sunset pictures in the cards for the day. However, being I go nowhere without my trusty DSLR sidekick, I was able to capture a few pictures from my old stomping grounds.

I had 25 mins. until I needed to be at Hideaway for the best pizza this side of the Mississippi.

Being I didn't have a lot of time, I simply hit some hot spots on campus.

Old Central was the first stop. My apologizes for the poor landscape; however OSU campus, well really Oklahoma in general is not known for their stunning scenery during the winter months.

Then off to the library where.....many, many, many a hours were logged during my time on campus.

The Student Union, which is under construction again. It seems to be a building that is always getting a face lift.

OH The Strip….a close second in terms of hours spent on this street to hours spent in the library. The funny thing is I don’t drink at all anymore, I guess I got it all out of my system on this stretch of road years ago.

I figured I better start hiking it up University street and meet my family for some yummy yummy pizza. We had so much fun, catching up on time lost and celebrating Christmas and birthdays (I told you it is a hereditary disease, runs in the entire family………..we celebrate holidays a bit later than most). Following dinner we headed to Stillwater High to watch the Fairview girls take on Dale in a basketball play off game. It was a rough game for the Fairview Yellow jackets, but I enjoyed spending time with the family. Even though it was late following the game and we all realized we needed to get on the road back to our respectable homes we just didn’t want to leave each other, so we headed to get some frozen yogurt and then talked for an additional hour and a half. At 11pm we all faced reality and knew it was time to depart ways. I will not let months pass again between visits with my aunt. 2010 is the year of family and friends for me, I have been doing a pretty good job so far, I hope to keep up the open lines of communication and visits.

Seems that I am one lucky girl, I have had the most extraordinary weekends for weeks now. I was in Houston Valentines weekend spending time with my best friend and celebrating her daughter’s birthday. My birthday weekend I was at the George Straight/Reba concert, last weekend I was at the OSU/KU basketball game, and yesterday I had the most fun spending time with two amazing people in my life. I absolutely love the people in my life, they make me smile, make me laugh, and make me always see the silver lining when life gets the best of me.

Love you all,


  1. I miss the good ol' days some times!! Those pictures really bring back some sweet memories...and some not so great...but most of them make me chuckle a bit. If we could have only seen 10 years ago where we'd be now!! (I probably wouldn't have be a "pony" that night:)

  2. Stillwater is always a great place to be, I miss it so much each time I go back. I do have to say I would not change anything from college. We had a ton of fun...."pony" and all. So many great memories, and most of them shared with you. Love ya Nicole.