Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is love?

I thought about conferring with Mr. Webster on this one, but then reconsidered. I would guess that we all have a slightly different idea and interpretation of love…..well most any emotion for that matter, but we are just going to stick with love today. When I think about the things I love the same words and images come to mind. To me love is passion, difficult, exciting, requires sacrifice, evokes tears, inspires laughter, allows heartbreak, feels amazing……love is life!

My family…..I love them, very very much. They all encompass everything love is to me. One of those people I love is my grandmother whom we lost a few years ago. Today would have been her birthday, and although I miss her and think about her daily, I also embrace the extraordinary memories we made. From swimming in the incredibly cold water “down at the crik”, to reading books, to picking peaches, to going shopping at this store known as Wall-Mart…..not being from OK I had no idea how big Wall-Mart really was till I was in college. Grandma touched so many lives with her strength, grace, wisdom, compassion, and heart. I love her and I miss her.

Love…… of the most remarkable feelings that has the potential of feeling the most devastating. But if you ask me I would rather know the feeling of love than live a life free of heartbreak and disappointment.



  1. I agree. Well said. (((hugs)))

  2. When you are in love you will feel it deep down in your pants. Unless of course, if you aren't wearing any pants,which is not unusual in my case. - Tim Meadows