Monday, March 29, 2010

I am not sure this is a coincidence.

The adventure began……I have to confess I have not yet paid for this new adventure so I can’t get emails or send emails, but I can get “winks”. The “winks” started coming in late last night, and as I read the profiles of the men sending the winks I thought “I may have prematurely announced to the world I was going to try this online dating thing. I am not sure by the looks and sounds of the crop of men in the Tulsa area that I am going to have much success”. So……….should I purchase a month of service or should I not, that is the question of the year.

Back to the adventure…..I was weeding through the winks, determining if there were any worth winking back at, when I ran across something extremely perplexing. I began reading a profile that started out something like this “About me……I absolutely love my family, my friends, and life in general!! I am totally independent. My daughter’s are more important to me than anything…………” I thought to myself, “Oh my gosh how strange, that is exactly how my profile opens, the only portion that differs is my profile states “I am totally independent, yet completely reliant on God.” As I continued reading I realized………….are you ready for this…………..he copied my entire profile description and made it his own. Changing all the he’s to she’s and adding a few blurbs about his daughters.

At first I was quite ticked which quickly changed over to complete disbelief. I realized at that moment why I am still single in the town of Tulsa. I don’t handle idiots, and this guy exemplifies stupidity. I am not saying that all men in Tulsa were produced from the same dumb crop as this guy; he might just take the cake. Who thinks it is an awesome idea to copy an entire profile from someone and then wink at that person, as though I am not going to recognize the words I am reading.

I am going to let this adventure marinate overnight before I determine if this form of dating is something I really want to do. My best friend mentioned she knows of a perfect guy for me, if only he lived closer, and if only he would be interested in a girl like me, it would be a match made in heaven and we would not be sitting here discussing the pros and cons of online dating.

My friends be thankful you are not out here in the dating world swimming with the piranhas.

Love ya,

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  1. Jennifer,

    Try eHarmony. It isn't about winking. The website finds the matches for you based on what you're looking for. A psychologist created the site. I don't want to give the poo poo, but it certainly does make it easier to find guys on there who are idiots, especially when they can see your profile right away. Check out eharmony. I think it's more Christian based too.