Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today I walked through the door to a new adventure, abounding opportunity, peace, professionalism, dignity, grace, passion and energy…..I walked through the door to my new office.

I embraced this new chapter of my life with a huge smile, open arms, and a new found sense of myself, the self that has been lost for the past 7 years.

Half of the staff for the Tulsa Affiliate started today (Lindsay and I).

Lindsay….who is heading up special events as our Race for the Cure/Special Events Coordinator.

She is a gem! Recently relocated to Tulsa from Alabama, she is not only going to make a profound impact on our team but also in the community.

Linda…..our Operations Coordinator.

I have only known Linda for a few weeks, but what an outstanding women of God. A woman of strength, versatility, and a heart of a servant.

Christy……our Executive Director.

I have yet to meet a woman with more passion and excitement for her job, which to Christy is not a job at all, but a mission. She exudes love for Susan G. Komen For the Cure, the vision, the people, the survivors, and those that have lost their battle to this horrific disease. She is my boss, but I can see her also being a huge mentor, teacher, and leader.

As I sat down at my desk to digest the new information I had been handed on the first day..........

I looked out the window (side office overlooks a golf course) and simply let out and awwwwww.

I feel at home!

My first day at my new job in this new chapter of my life was nothing short of extraordinary. Everything I hoped a job for me would be, this is it.

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