Saturday, March 20, 2010

No winter lasts forever, or does it?

Yesterday afternoon I took some vacation time from the office and enjoyed an amazing last day of winter. An amazing day full of sunshine and temperatures nearing 73 degrees.

I did some moving into the house I will soon be calling home……

I took a run along the river……

I enjoyed the small signs that spring is on the way……..

It did feel as though a storm was fixn’ to move in, the wind was out of control…….

I ended the day with a yummy meal with a great friend.

Oh how glad I am that spring is almost here. A time for jeans and short sleeve tops, flip flops, pony tails, sunglasses, sunroofs open, bbq’s, reading on the porch at sunset, oh how the list goes on. Spring makes me very very happy!!

That storm I felt was moving in....well it did, this is what I walked out my front door to see this morning…….

No that is not powdered sugar, that is snow.

Ummmmmm, I thought March 20th was the first day of spring?

This does not look like spring to me, nor does it make me want to do a happy dance…….

I am losing hope that winter is ever going to end in Oklahoma.

Spring please come back!!


  1. What a beautiful home! You must post pictures when you get moved in!

  2. I certainly will post pix, I am ready to be moved :-) It is never fun to pack up and move, but I hope this is the last move for awhile.