Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Adventures of Dylan, Harley, Dude, & Thorfine!

Now that it has been exactly two weeks since Meegan, Paul, Jeff, and I had our oober fun outing to the bowling alley and singing our hearts out at karaoke I feel it is time to wrap up my Oregon adventures.

I would like to be the first to mention I have not been bowling in ohhhh…..7 years or so, as a result I was a tad apprehensive. In addition I do not partake in liquid courage so I was required to act “cool” and pretend I knew what I was doing being I would not have anything to blame my bad display of bowling on.

After picking up our rockn’ bowling shoes, (I think mine might have been glow in the dark, something they didn’t mention to me and something I never got to determine), Paul gave Meegan and I a fun bowling gift. He said he bought them that day at the store, but I am convinced he had them since high school. Meegan received a candy necklace that when she went to put it on the elastic busted and little candies went EVERYWHERE! I found candy in my non glow in the dark shoes at the completion of the bowling extravaganza. I received a ring sucker, I took it out of the wrapper and found that it appeared to have melted and as a result had reshaped and was cocked to the left.

Once we got past the hysteria of not one but both gifts being dysfunctional we got set to bowl. I am not sure how it came about and with this crew I am not even going to take a wild guess, but we used code names rather than our given names.




Please don’t ask.

We all did very well……………..

In fact the non bowler Harley is got a strike first time out of the gate. Beginners luck………..please check out that form, I am most certain it was not because she had any idea at all how to bowl.

After 2 games we were ready hang up our bowling shoes and head out to sing some karaoke. After all Thorfine challenged Dylan to a sing-a-thon, he could not back down now. Dude and I were simply along for the ride to watch this story play out at least that is what I thought!!

Dylan had to liquor up before he could join Thorfine to belt out a crowd fav. So in the mean time Thorfine got up on stage to loosen the vocal chores and shined as she sang “All That Jazz”. It was a show stopper and her talent made Dylan even that much more nervous. However, we all convinced him that she would carry the team if he should get weak in the knees.

“Dylan”…………..“Is Dylan here”…………….okay so we were not quite use to our code names. Dylan and Thorfine went running to stage…….it was their turn to show what great karaoke is made of.

They were awesome, although we really could not hear them too well for the entire bar was sing “Sweet Caroline” in unison.

However, Dylan had a fun time he was hooked, singing three more songs that night.

Thorfine and Harley closed out the night singing “Earl Had to Die”. I know it was not a super uplifting song, but being from the honky tonk state it had to be a country song for Harley to partake.

We had the best time, and for the second night in one week this sistah was out late enough to again close the bar down. Who is this person that has invaded Jennifer’s body, oh yeah it is Harley and she LOVES to have fun and burn the midnight oil. I was thinking 2pm was late to be heading home but the rest of the week proved even later.

Love Ya,

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