Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No he didn't?

Today was the day for the infamous date. The date my friend has had in the pipe for the past week. I have been eagerly waiting; 9:30pm could not get here fast enough. That is not an arbitrary time I am just tossing out there, she was suppose to be home around that time. So I made sure I was home from running and the gym and sitting by phone anticipating the call. It came, and I sat in shock as I listened to her evening.

She explained that she did not just get home from a date that in fact she just finished eating dinner after taking a long run and doing an hour of cross training at the gym. I thought hummmmm how did she fit all that in and have a date, so I simply asked, and I was not prepared to hear her answer. My friend, who has a heart of gold, who would lay her life down to help another, who would rather give her time in services than work to receive a pay check, not to mention is cute, fit, and has a great personality got stood up. What is this world coming to, or should I say what is the mentality of a large chunk of men coming to?

I really felt for her, and then she said this…….”Jen I am not that disappointed, I am so glad to have seen his true colors before I went on a few dates with the guy and then he showed me who he really was”. What a great way to look at it. I am not so sure I would have responded in that fashion, the lack of respect this man…no this boy showed my friend agitates me. But she responded in such a classy dignified manor, not reacting to his lack of respect but simply chalking it up to an experience and moving on. She has another date on Saturday; I hope it goes great, if anyone deserves it it is her.

Love ya,

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