Friday, January 29, 2010


Yesterday we left work to a town being blanketed in freezing rain. I have to giggle thinking of using the word blanked in the same sentence as freezing rain, or any liquid substance falling from the sky for that matter. When I think of blanket, I think of what I want to be wrapped up in when I see freezing rain.

Once I got home from the office I stayed in, and after what Tulsa dealt with in 2007 I figured I would be in for a few days and possibly without electricity. However, I woke up this morning to an alarm. One of very few times I will ever be estatic to hear my alarm, but it indicated I had not lost power! I ran to the window, opened my blinds and saw this……..

Being the roads didn't look that bad, I braved it and headed into the office. I was not too concerned about driving on the roads that had very little ice on them. However, coming home after a day, if predictions pan out, of snow, I was not looking forward to driving on that jazz. But in the mean time a plowed through a lot of work at the office and took some pictures like this one from a co-workers window coated in ice.

And our precious little bench where we go to get some fresh air on sunny days, today was not one of those days.

David let us leave for the day at noon in order to beat the super low tempts. and bad roads. After my white knuckle 45 min drive home, I shot a few more pictures before.....

I called it a day, stared a fire, and sat down to share all my pictures of the day with you.

The ice storm of 2010 coated the trees, the windows, the power lines, the streets, and everything inbetween. Many Oklahoma’s may not agree with my description of “splendor” for many do not have electricity this evening after the ice storm of 2010. It seems that we, here in Oklahoma, are blessed with an ice storm annually. Tulsa was hit really badly in 2007; luckily we missed a direct hit this year, although many were not so lucky. I pray those that are without light and heat today find it restored very soon.


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