Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Being a single gal in a somewhat good side town provides for strange experiences and odd approaches by men from time to time and sometimes in random places, like today. While hurriedly trying to get in my car after work I saw a vehicle out of the corner of my eye pull up behind me and a man was waving at me. The man spoke something to me but I could not hear him, so I walked over closer to the open window fully anticipating this man will be asking me for directions. However, the following conversation transpired:

I am sorry I was unable to hear you.

Jennifer right?


I was concerned about you; I have not seen you around in a while. How was your Christmas?

My thought: I think this guy thinks he know me……

Good and yours?

Good. So do you go to any events at the BOK Center?

My thought: That is a super random question.

Is there an event tonight?

No, I don’t think so. I was just wondering if you ever go to events.

On occasion. In fact I was supposed to go to the George Straight/Reba concert but I think I may be out of town that weekend.

Are you not from here?

My thought: How does my comment of being out of town signal I am not from here?

No, I am not.

Where are you from?


What brought you to Oklahoma?


My thought: Where is this guy going, and oh I think I may have talked to him in the elevator at work one day. Hummmmmm, how did he remember me?

When it gets warmer would you like to walk down to the taco place for lunch?

My thought: Did this guy that is my father’s age just ask me out? Oh yicks!!! What do I do now?

Well it will be awhile till it gets warm. (Yes this is the best thing I could come up with at the time, I realize I should have just said no, but that is not what came out of my mouth)

Well if I come up to your office I am sure all the guys up there are really protective of you.

My thought: This is possibly the oddest conversation I have had, and why would you need to come to my office?

Yes they are, they are like my big brothers. Well I better go!

Okay have a great evening.

You too.

My thought: What just happened? I am confused; I need to call my friend Debbie ASAP!!

There are many aspects of this conversation that caused me great discomfort and made a potentially flattering, well as flattering as someone your father’s age asking you can be, turn into a disaster faster than I can eat a sugar cookie.

Good night,


  1. That sounds kind of creepy. :(

  2. Super creepy, and I found out even more not so great stuff about this guy when I got to the office today! I am certainly staying clear of him!!!