Monday, January 4, 2010

It is certainly a new year!!

Anyone that may not be certain it is in fact January 4, 2010 simply stop by any local gym in your area. You don’t really need to go into the gym, driving by the parking lot will be sufficient. I tend to arrive between 4:30-5pm, never having a problem finding a place to park or locating a vacant treadmill to execute my daily running. Today however, was a completely different story. Traveling up the hill to my gym I knew immediately there was a problem……….cars lining the street, what is going on? Oh there must be a party at the apartment complex across the street. I was proven extremely wrong when I topped the hill and noticed the parking lot at the gym was overflowing into the street. People have fallen out of the woodwork and landed in my gym, which is wonderful. I am always super duper excited when people exercise it is phenomenal for the mind, body, and soul. I love all my great friends at the gym; my life is so enriched by their addition to my daily life. However, all of the consistent members would be greatly blessed if our new gym friends would stay past February, and the newbies would be blessed to experience the amazing effects exercising and working out does for one’s self. Nonetheless, being a gym member for as long as I have, I know that come February we will be back to not fighting for treadmills, not eyeing weight machines waiting for someone to complete their set, and not casually trying to beat another member to the bench press.

May you all find this new year to be one that provides you with strength to stick with your resolutions; determination to persevere during times of discouragement and doubt; and pillars of encouragement to hold those around you accountable.

Love Ya,

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