Friday, January 8, 2010

One of my many loves.

Ohhhhh.....the weekend is here!!! One of many things I love in my ordinary life are weekends. I love them for many reason and the reasons differ from weekend to weekend. This weekend I am in love with:

OSU basketball
Sending time with my Aunt Mimi and Uncle Jim.
Not waking up to an alarm.
Not going on a long run in negative wind chills and snow.
Seeing my amazing 8th grade girls at small group on Sunday.
Sleeping in.
Going to the gym.
Taking a naps.

Can you tell I am sleepy.........most of my loves for the upcoming weekend involve sleep. With that said I am heading off to curl up in lots of blanks because it is COLD outside, and enjoy the land of dreams for next....ummmmmm, 10 hours if I am lucky.

Love ya,


  1. Hi Jen! I am so glad you told me about your is so fun to keep up with people this way. Have I given you my blog? It is

  2. Thank you so much for your blog link Jamie. I didn't know you had one, I am on my way to check it out :-)