Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Following the pool tournament Meegan, my bro, and I headed to a local dive where we met up with Shimmy and Paul (also a high school classmate). After the initial “how have you been for the past year” conversation, we had the show down of all show downs at the Shuffle Board table.

My bro (I am missing a picture of him, so my mug will have to do for our team picture) and I against..

Meegan and Paul

Check out that red puck, yes we were the red team and my brother hit this money shot. Chad and I kicked some serious tail.

Meegan, we will call her Coach Meegan; then paired up with Shimmy for what they hoped would be a better match against B2.

But again they were no match against this power house.

B2 was triumphant in all the Shuffle Board games played. There is no match for this brother sister team.

After many drinks by some, we won’t mention any names Meegan, we headed home for the night. We closed down the Peacock, when was the last time this old lady stayed awake long enough to close down a bar?

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