Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Annual Christmas pool tournament.

Three years ago four wild hooligans descended on McMenamin’s to duel it out in a pool tournament.

My brother

Shimmy ( a high school friend)

Meegan ( my high school best friend)


Came with pool sticks blazzn’ ready for the contest placed before them.

This year while at home for Christmas we met up for the third time, and the girls were going to conquer the battle this year. We won’t mention that Shimmy was unable to make it, so my brother was carrying the weight for the guy’s team, which is not relevant, right?

The girls prevailed at least on one game.

Okay, okay, so the only reason we won is because my brother scratched on the 8 ball. But it is still a ‘W’ nonetheless, sorry bro!

The night continued with a true competition at the shuffle board table inside the Peacock. I will reveal those fun and tenses details tomorrow.

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