Sunday, January 3, 2010

The friendly skies?

I set out today to share some of my fun /crazy stories and pictures from the past week…….my ski trip with my brother, to karaoke, to an annual pool tournament and much much more. However, that post will have to wait while I share my experience with the friendly skies.

Amidst the frustration that yesterday provided I do have to sit here and smile. Isn’t life all about the adventures we take, if so I have truly lived life the past week with yesterday being no exception.

Being the over organized and particular person I am I like to check-in online for all my flights. Not only does this save time it also saves a buck or two and who is not interested in that? Yesterday morning was like any other morning prior to catching a departing flight….oh wait a min, let me fill you in on little piece of information that will sooner rather than later become critical to this adventure, I didn’t go to bed on Friday night. There I said it, and anyone that knows me well knows I need my sleep to function in a dignified and classy manner. But I do have a good reason for not going to bed, however that story will just have to wait as well.

Sooooooo, back to checking in online, for some reason the United Airlines website would not let me check-in. I tried every angle spending at least 30 mins trying to make the website work to my advantage. It was no use, I was going to have to surrender to checking my bags through at the airport, I can’t quite remember the last time I did that, but this was going to be fun right? Upon arriving at the airport I heaved my bags out of the car. I was only gone for a week nonetheless I have yet to figure out how to pack on the light side, so I had two 50lbs bags I was lugging around. I stepped up to curb side check-in and the case was cracked wide open!!!! I was not able to check in online because………drum roll please………….I, Miss. Jennifer Barrington reside on a federal watch list. Yes, the girl who’s motto is “rules are meant to be followed if they weren’t they would be called suggestions” is on a federal terrorist watch list, WHAT!!!! Well let me be more specific, I personally am not, but a name close to mine is on this “list”. So the reason I was not able to check-in online is because I had to get clearance to travel the friendly skies. While I was not sweating bullets thinking they are going to find out I drove 2 miles over the speed limit this morning driving home, but I was thinking this is crazy I could have saved $10 by checking in online. Oh well, an adventure right? For any of you that may be wondering......I was given clearance to board my flight from Portland to Denver.

I really thought “this is the hiccup for the day, the rest of the day will be smooth sailing”. I should learn that I really know nothing and that when I start to think things are going to go smoothly I am typically proven wrong and yesterday was a great example. Let the adventure begin………………

The following will provide a slice of the adventure I was so blessed to be a part of on 1.2.10:

1) My flight was delayed out of Portland by 45 mins.

2) Our Flight Attendant went through the cabin in route to Denver stopping at everyone’s set to let each individual know where their connecting gate was. At her stop on row 17 I hear this……….."there is no way you are going to make your connecting flight, and your flight is the last one out of Denver to Tulsa tonight, you might want to prepare yourself to spend the night in Denver".

3) This is where that sleepy part comes in………..I didn’t get frustrated. Yes, your ears are cleaned out and working just fine, you heard me correctly. Not an ounce of anger, frustration, annoyance, or any other negative feeling surged through my body. This little baby is growing up, and becoming a lot more laid back, let the trumpets sound!!! I learned a very valuable lesson about rolling with the punches, my lessons from this past week will come your way in days ahead.

4) We landed, I ran, and I barely made my connecting flight. I think that was the same routine which played out In Houston last week. How did you make your flight you may ask……….prayer, running, prayer, sweating and battling high heels (which I swear I will never wear to fly again, it will be tenis shoes from here on out baby), and more prayer. I am certain prayer was the biggy, for I had 15 mins, from touchdown to take off, God willing I made my connecting flight.

What a journey……….I made it back to Tulsa with just a slight glitch……… bags didn’t join me. It is 3:15 the day following this great adventure and I still do not have a large chunk of my bathroom and closet. Let the journey continue........

Love ya,

P.S. I was able to retrieve my bags this afternoon. I now can shower, apply make-up, and dress. I am sure anyone I would have come in contact with is very thankful for the speedy work on the part of United to get my bags to me.

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